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What means NECADA?

NECADA means No Emissions CAD for Architecture.

What is NECADA?

NECADA is a hybrid infrastructure that supports the execution of a simulation model on a cloud, cluster or desktop environments. The aim of this infrastructure is to find optimal values for various building parameters and the associated impacts that reduce the energy demand or consumption of the building or urban area. The infrastructure combines both, formal languages and co-simulation in order to obtain a complete unambiguous definition of the model, assuring that the final implementation will use the best tools to simulate any model component.

Where NECADA borns?

NECADA was developed on the frame of UPC, specifically on InLab FIB. inLab FIB is an innovation and research lab, based in the Barcelona School of Informatics, Universitat Polit├Ęcnica de Catalunya - Barcelona Tech (UPC). It integrates academic personnel from different UPC departments, and its own technical staff, to provide solutions to a wide range of demands that involve several areas of expertise.

inLab FIB


Consulting about optimization of energy systems.

Consulting on energy efficiency and simulation.

Consulting on projects related to building systems.


Cloud simulation energy optimization and sustainability services.

Realization of projects related with NZEB.

Participation in research projects, product design, sustainability, SmartCities, NZEB, efficient energy systems, bioclimatic architecture, etc.


DEPs (DAPs).

Assistance in calculation of power.

Cloud service analysis.

Computational resources needed for an specific project.