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What is NECADA


NECADA is an optimization software designed to find optimal designs in compliance with
the rules of sustainability, minimizing the environmental, economic and social impacts throughout the entire life cycle of the building.
Its computing power derives from the possibility of running simulations in cloud, cluster or desktop environments.
The objective of this infrastructure is to find optimal values for various construction parameters
and their associated impacts that reduce the demand or energy consumption of the building or urban area.

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Gas, electricity, water and other resources are monitored.
Easily calculate how many CO2 will emit your future or current building.

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No hardware requirements.
No installations needed.
Just create an account and simulate.

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Wooden or metal. Glass or aluminium.
NECADA will let you permute materials to easily compare efficiency results.

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How NECADA works


The aim of NECADA is to find optimal values for various building parameters and the associated impacts that reduce the energy demand or consumption of the building or urban area. The infrastructure combines both, formal languages and co-simulation in order to obtain a complete unambiguous definition of the model, assuring that the final implementation will use the best tools to simulate any model component.

NECADA offers support in all phases of the project:

  • Development and validation of the model.
  • Acquisition of the data of the BD and preparation of the optimization process.
  • Help in the analysis of the results and final report.

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What is Sustainability


Sustainability aims to improve and maintain the quality of life of current and future generations by balancing social, environmental and economic interests. Sustainable development is presented as a more or less clean break from other modes of development, which have led and are still leading to worrying social and ecological damage on both a worldwide and a local scale.


Sustainable development provides an approach to making better decisions on the issues that affect all of our lives.


Sustainable communities are places where people thrive, enjoy good health and create a lasting high quality of life


Climate change is already affecting, and will continue to affect, all of us locally and globally

NECADA Infographic


In this Infographic we will review the main features that NECADA infraestructures provides.

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Our partners


NECADA works with companies, governments, nonprofits and other organizations to address complex challenges on a worldwide scale.